PS Canally Port of Morgan

The historic paddle steamer PS Canally was originally built in 1907 in Koondrook near Echuca, Victoria. She was fitted with a steam locomotive engine in 1912 and  for 10 years she  mainly traded wool from Echuca up the Murrumbidgee River.

She then moved into South Australian waters and traded between Berri and Morgan with her main cargo being dried fruits from the Riverland settlements.

In the 1920’s she was used as a work boat in the construction of the lock/weir system on the Murray River. By 1925 ownership transferred from private hands to the Ministry of Public Works NSW.

By the 1930’s she was in private hands again and was based around the Euston region in NSW. By the 1940’s she had been stripped of her machinery and turned into a barge used to carry firewood for Victorian Railways.

In the 1950’s she was used as a barge behind the PS Hero which was destroyed by fire in January 1957. The Canally was left tied to the landing at Boundary Bend and through neglect and inattention, eventually sank at her moorings.

In 1998 The Rivers and Riverboat Historical & Preservation Society raised the Canally from the Depths of Boundary Bend and began restoration of the hull.

In mid 2010 ownership was transferred to the Mid Murray Council and she was carefully towed to Berri for stabilisation of the hull.

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For more information please contact the PS Canally Restoration Committee & Friends of the PS Canally.